What happens in you session?

Arrival & Consultation

When you come to the acupuncture clinic you can take a seat & a glass of water.

It is good to use the bath room before treatment and it is good to ware loose comfortable clothes.

As a minimum your practitioner will need to get to your legs from the knees down, your arms from the elbow down, you belly and your back to apply treatment.

For certain treatments you may need to change down to your underwear. Towels are provided. Your practitioner will sit you down and discus your case at the desk the first time you come to the office.

On following visits you can just lie down on the treatment table and your practitioner will consult with you while working.

We will let you know:

  1. If we can help you
  2. How long it will take (see About us / State of your health category 1, 2 & 3)
  3. What is the best Plan of Action for you.

Diagnosis & Prognosis

Some conditions resolve quickly with acupuncture. Eg. a sprained ankle will take 1-3 visits to resolve

Some conditions will need intensive care and may require more visits to resolve.

For Diagnosis we ask you to lie on the treatment table. Three traditional methods are applied.

  1. Tongue diagnosis
  2. Pulse diagnosis
  3. Abdominal diagnosis

Lots of information will be gained about your body as we assess the time it will take you to recover (prognosis)

Treatment & Resolution

Treatment can take the form of any our modalities depending of your needs. Remember we specialize in “painless treatment” . See Modalities > Toyohari and the 5 steps of treatment.

After treatment we will book you follow up sessions as needed:
1-3 visits is a minimum for basic issues, eg. back ache.
4-6 visits is a normal course of treatment.
10 –12 visits is a long course, for people who suffer from a disease.

Payment is cash, EFTPOS, or HICAPS. Receipts are available for all major health funds

Certain claims are not available at this time such as veterans affairs & EPC program.