Traditional Chinese Medicine

Toyohari Japanese Acupuncture
Byron Bay Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Receive Personalised Care and Attention With Your Five Step Treatment and Health Analysis.

Symptomatic care

Japanese Acupuncture
Providing Acupuncture and Chinese medicine to Byron Bay and surrounds.

Symptomatic Care

Pain Relief

  • - Immediate & Effective Pain Relief
  • - Simultaneous Reduction of Different
      Types of Pain
  • - Great Results For Relief of Back Pain,
      Headaches, Digestive Tract Pain etc.

Stress Relief

  • - Instant Relaxation to Tranquilise the
  • - Relief From Worry, Insomnia,
      Anxiety, Bereavement, Relationship
      Breakdown, Emotional Pain etc.

Relief From Fatigue

  • - Optimise Vital Energy Flow
  • - Relief From Mental, Physical and
      Chronic Fatigue

Preventative Care

We can address any combination of symptoms in a single session:
  • Chronic Illness
  • Immune Boosting
  • Old Injuries
  • Quality of Life Issues
  • Workplace Efficiency
  • Peak Performance

Fact: A 1997 survey found 70% of people requiring an operation, no longer needed that operation after receiving acupuncture treatment.